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JD Lasica
4 min readMar 5, 2022

I’m longtime friends with Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells, the social media pioneers who founded Social Media Club back in the day. So it was a welcome development, but no huge surprise, to see their involvement in the Web3 space. Chris, along with another longtime friend, Tina Hui, co-hosted the just ended Web 3.1 Leadership Summit and Unconference.

One of Monday morning’s highlilghts came in the session “Favorite NFT projects” with Shira Lazar and Melissa Jun Rowley … who also happen to be longtime friends. They detailed several of their favorite projects, which I think deserve a greater spotlight, so I’m breaking down those projects below. Shira will be appearing on a SXSW panel in two weeks tackling the subject of NFTs hosted by Melissa.

Shira’s favorite NFT projects

Here are some of the projects Shira gave a shout-out to during the Summit/Unconference. They skew heavily toward a personal passion of hers, supporting women-led ventures:

House of First

From the Remarkable Women NFT drop on OpenSea.

The @houseoffirst is a launchpad for the new, novel & noteworthy, with an emphasis on remarkable women, including this OpenSea collection. The PFP project is a drop of 5,998 NFTs described by its creator, artist-illustrator Rachel Winter, as “a celebration of women inspired by self-expression, feminism, fashion, and cultural inclusion” and “featuring bold and empowering messages in 15 languages.” Ten percent of the drop proceeds will be donated to the Fund for Women’s Equality. Check it out!

Boss Beauties NFT

From the Boss Beauties collection OpenSea.

@BossBeautiesNFT is a community venture with the credo “A Woman Can Be Everything She Wants,” founded by @lisacmayer of @mysocialcanvas. The project has a Discord group and a 10,000-NFT drop on OpenSea called the Boss Beauties collection. From the group:

For 10 years, it has been our mission to educate and empower the next generation of Women and Girls. The Boss Beauties Collection is an extension of the same passion and goals we have championed for the past decade.

This is a collection of 10,000 unique, independent and strong Women which are also used to access exclusive virtual events and more.

Women Rise NFT

Popular NFTs from the Women Rise drop on Rarible.

@WomenRiseNFT is a project featuring 10,000 NFTs of women activists, artists, scientists, coders and others rising on the blockchain by @Maliha_z_Art. You can find the collection on Rarible. It’s been quite successful to date, generating $13.8 million in sales to 5,900 owners.

Alpha Girl Club

Some of the NFTs for sale in the OpenSea collection of Alpha Girl Club.

AlphaGirlClub is an NFT project with a purpose, featuring hand-illustrated NFTs. Its OpenSea collection features nearly 10,000 cool-looking NFTs.

Women Tribe

Some of the Women Tribute digital assets available for purchase on OpenSea.

@WomenTribe_NFTs is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that were created to help women embrace their inner divinity and power. The drop is sold out but their Discord is still accepting new members.

Melissa Rowley’s projects to watch

Melissa Jun Rowley, who has evolved from being an NFT skeptic to opening an NFT studio, added these four additional projects to keep an eye on:


Some of the AfroPunks for sale on OpenSea.

@AfroPunkNFT tells stories of African folklore and culture through art. Its new NFT collection is now available on OpenSea.


The HoneyBadges project launches next week.

@HoneyBadgesNFT is a new project minting next week (on March 8), featuring 10,000 cheeky NFTs to fund change-makers and fight for equality. It has a DAO and a Discord.

Meta Angels

NFTs available in the Meta Angels collection on OpenSea.

@meta_angels describes itself as “an NFT membership community harnessing the metaverse to unlock real life opportunities.” Its OpenSea collection has 10,000 NFTs. Here’s its Discord.

Nemus Earth

Help protect the Amazon with a Nemus Earth NFT.

@nemus_earth is a series of NFT collectibles with the goal of helping to conserve, protect and treasure the Amazon rainforest.

How about you? Have your own favorite NFT projects yet?

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