Top NFT projects to get involved with

Shira’s favorite NFT projects

House of First

From the Remarkable Women NFT drop on OpenSea.

Boss Beauties NFT

From the Boss Beauties collection OpenSea.

Women Rise NFT

Popular NFTs from the Women Rise drop on Rarible.

Alpha Girl Club

Some of the NFTs for sale in the OpenSea collection of Alpha Girl Club.

Women Tribe

Some of the Women Tribute digital assets available for purchase on OpenSea.

Melissa Rowley’s projects to watch


Some of the AfroPunks for sale on OpenSea.


The HoneyBadges project launches next week.

Meta Angels

NFTs available in the Meta Angels collection on OpenSea.

Nemus Earth

Help protect the Amazon with a Nemus Earth NFT.



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JD Lasica

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