The top 20 crypto stories of 2021

1. Inflation

The home page of the Blockchain Association.

2. Crypto regulation

Rise of the layer ones: Solana, Terra, Cordano and Deso.

3. Alternative Layer 1s

4. Gas fees

5. ‘Ultra-sound money’

6. EIP-1559

The Constitutional DAO came oh-so-close to buying one of the original copies of the US Constitution.

7. Constitution DAO

8. Senate confirms SEC chairman

Coinbase’s successful initial public offering in April was one of the big crypto stories of 2021.

9. Coinbase initial public offering

10. OpenSea sales go gangbusters

The Cool Cats NFT project was released in July 2021.

11. Axie Infinity sales reach $1 billion

12. Punks, apes, cool cats and PFPs

Beeple’s digital collage “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” (detail seen here) sold in March for a cool $69 million.

13. Beeple’s $69 million sale

14. El Salvador accepts Bitcoin

15. China ban on mining

16. DeFi over CeFi

17. Rise of layer twos

18. Michael Saylor & Tesla

Dogecoin rose to a high of 73 cents per token during 2021.

19. GME & meme stocks

2o. Crypto hits all-time highs



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