Gary Vee: A blueprint for NFTs in the real world

The VeeFriends NFT video announcement.
Gary Vaynerchuk holds a drawing of a VeeFriends token, part of his first NFT collection.
Source: VeeFriends | Gary Vaynerchuk

Gift Goat tokens

What you get with the token: Like the other tokens, a Gift Goat gets you admission to VeeCon. But they do more. If you buy a gift goat, you’ll enter your address, connect your MetaMask or custodial wallet, and Gary will send you surprise gifts “from epic brands” through the U.S. mail six times a year, as often as 18 times over the course of this project. “Gifts that are going to make your head spin,” he promises.

Hangout Hawk tokens

What you get with the token: If you acquire one of the 125 hangout hawk token, you become part of a new hangout community Gary will convene. “We get together five times a year for 45 minutes on Google Hangout and jam,” he told Rose.

Facetime Fox tokens

What you get with the token: Snag a Facetime Fox token and you get admission to three years of VeeCon plus a five-minute FaceTime chat with Gary. Record it and turn it into a podcast if you’d like. On day one the bids for a Facetime Fox token started at 5.909 Ethereum, or $25,455 US.

Courtside Cat token

What you get with the token: One of the most sought-after tokens is the Courtside Cat. The single token entitles you to sit courtside with Gary at a New York Knicks game. The bidding is already up to 50.269 eth, or $216,550 US. Crazy, right?

Basketball Butterfly tokens

What you get with the token: Five Basketball Butterfly tokens will be sold, which gets you into a five-on-five basketball game with Gary and four of his friends. Bidding seems to be starting at 31.443 eth, or $135,451 apiece. That better be some hell of a pickup game.



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