Gary Vaynerchuk on stage at NFT.NYC: “This is the most interesting technology shift since the Internet decided to go social.”
Clockwise from top left: Drew Austin, Dylan Field, Roham Gharegozlou and Marguerite deCourcelle.

The Atari sneaker: You can wear the glass-wrapped footwear in Decentraland, but not in real life.

The digital fashion startup pioneers NFTs for virtual worlds

Classic limited-edition trading-card collectibles from Panini.

One industry observer offers some provocative predictions

Great listens, from NFT basics to deep dives into DeFi

NFT art on the marketplace SuperRare.

And how much money are creators & NFT marketplaces making, anyway?

JD Lasica

CEO & Startup founder| Entrepreneur | Author | International speaker | Journalist | Photographer

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